Dobrý den!

Welcome to our website! We are pleased that you have found our website. We hope that our website will make you as enthusiastic about our holiday home as we are ourselves. We are a family from Heemskerk (Netherlands), consisting of Nancy and Bram and our children Fem and Noud. We have found Chalupa Dolce Vita during a ski holiday in 2007 and although we never had plans to buy a house in the Czech Republic, we fell in love immediately. After the necessary problems with contractors, brokers and the bureaucracy, especially around that time, we have put all our energy into the house for 2 years. This has resulted in the result that we rented the house for the first time in 2009. Now years later, and many further renovations, we finally opened in the winter of 2018. This took a long time because in our area until last winter the water pipes were turned down due to the danger of freezing. This has been tackled last summer, which means that we are now also open in the winter.

And this year, too, there will be further development; For example, in April 2018 a garden house with a stone grill will be built. The first stones were already placed in November. Because of the winter this is now quiet but before the summer period our tenants will also be able to enjoy the beautiful view over the lakes and the mountains. With some luck you spot a deer or a trout that “jumps out” the lake.

We wish you a lot of fun on the website and if there are any questions that remain unanswered on the website, we will gladly answer them!

Nancy en Bram

Bram Nancy